Totalizator Sportowy

Reorganisation of the brand portfolio for the national lotteries organiser.

In 2008, when we commenced the brand strategy project for Totalizator Sportowy, the national operator was facing the upcoming liberalisation of the lottery market and the perspective of competition appearing on the market, such as Deutsche Lotto. This lead TS management to re-evaluate their marketing strategies.

The TS games and brand portfolio at that time was a legacy of the Lotto revolution in the early 90s. A successful revolution, but unfinished from the point of view of the portfolio strategy. The draw-based games and scratchcard portfolio was based on a bland family of products under the Lotek banner. Above it stood the Lotto brand, unhealthily competing with the corporate Totalizator Sportowy.

Strategic resolutions were preceded by in-depth analyses. We conducted, among others, a research project together with consumer segmentation in the context of gambling.

We took a close look at foreign benchmarks – including very inspiring cases from the Italian (Italians are enamoured with draw-based games and lotteries), British, and Irish (where national operators underwent comprehensive branding revitalisation) markets.

The conducted portfolio reorganisation was influenced by three key factors – threats resulting from the liberalisation of the market, the logic of varied expectations identified during the consumer segmentation, and the necessity of cleansing relations between the leading brands.

The result of this activity was implacable – Duży Lotek had to go to make room for the Lotto brand. Scratchcards finally gained a more logical name, i.e.… scratchcards. The product portfolio was reorganised – unnecessary doubles disappeared, new games were introduced, addressing gamers’ very expressive insights, such as Kaskada, for those who prefer a “bird in the hand” than a dream of millions in Lotto. The reorganised brand portfolio gained an attractive, emotionally appealing branding developed by BNA, who we executed the project with.