Effective work on strengthening the brand’s market position, recognised with a Golden Effie award in 2014.

We have worked for Play for eight years, and in that time have elaborated on many key activity elements, from a brand marketing point of view.

In our cooperation history two turning points are worth noting. The first, work on brand positioning, particularly work on redefining the concept of a challenger. A better understanding of consumer needs and taking up the fight with the competition, with consideration of the consumer’s perspective, which improved the brand’s position on the market.

The second turning point, which CPC had its part in, is the creation of a new brand communication strategy. The Play team managed to uniquely combine a powerful appeal, guaranteed by the use of celebrities, with a message credibility, resulting from the fact that these celebrities appeared as clients of Play, not just “giving their face” to the brand as it usually happens.

Today, Play is the largest mobile operator in Poland. When we started our cooperation it was not clear whether it will maintain its position number four. The fact that we can take part in this road is a source of not only pride, but also pure pleasure.