Product, Brand & Portfolio Strategy

Consumer brand positioning

Defining brand strategies is the essence of our work. Discoveries from conducted analyses, choice of target groups, and initial direction and concept creating sessions finally lead us to choosing and noting the brand positioning – the brand’s promise, key benefits, attributes, values, personality, as well as other elements which define its attractiveness and distinctiveness.

Corporate brand strategy

The producer’s brand is becoming all the more important for consumers. Image of the organisation also has a key significance for different groups of its stakeholders – including employees, contractors, media, or society. Building the strategy for a corporate brand requires significant knowledge about its identity within the organisation, as well as the ability to include members of the company to co-create the brand, those who should identify with its vision, mission, and values.

Brand development

Expanding a brand can be used to build its strength or to be a way to use its strong position for business purposes. In both cases inaccurate expansions are easily obtained, hence a brand stretch should be conducted in a thought out manner. We consult on expansions, indicating safe and unsafe directions, as well as necessary corrections in brand strategies.

Brand Architecture

Tools brand architecture make up a surprisingly useful spectrum of solutions, branding and communications. Used in an active way to help m. In. enhance credibility, innovation, brand support its expansion. A well-designed architecture porfolio is another factor of capacity building brand.

The strategy of the portfolio of products and brands

Having an extensive range of products or brands in one category automatically requires thought-out strategy of the portfolio. We develop portfolio strategies, optimizing the positioning and role of the individual brands.