Brand relaunch, based on the old Polish tradition of producing flavoured vodka.


When in 2010 we started dealing with vodka brands from the CEDC portfolio Soplica was dealing with image problems typical for an ageing brand.

Our answer was a re-interpretation of the tradition which stands behind the brand name. And the effect of our work – a Soplica identity based on backwater nobility traditions and the craftsmanship of creating flavoured vodka.

The new brand concept became an inspiration for restyling the packaging, as well as a guideline for expanding the portfolio (the strategy was based on flavour variants). The concept was also translated to brand communication, while the brand essence – “wódki takie jak kiedyś” [vodka as it used to be] – became its main advertising slogan.

Relaunching the brand resulted in record sales, which currently place Soplica in fourth place in the category.