Consumer research

Our key competence and effect of many years experience in Poland and abroad is expertise in the field of qualitative research. We focus on a deep understanding of consumer psychology, and at the level of interpretation we use a unique group analysis methodology. This is particularly significant in research which diagnoses consumer needs and category insights, where analysis and data interpretation methodology play a key role. We willingly use an ethnographic approach, as well as any other methods which allow to go beyond declarations.


Consumer segmentation

The correct consumer segmentation is often the key to an effective brand strategy, especially a brand or product portfolio. Due to our experience we know how to create useful segmentations, which will not only be accurate consumer maps in the category, but also credible tools for media sales and planning.

Audits of the competition

A key to making the right decisions and taking on the right marketing activity is understanding the context in which a brand functions. This image is always made up of many aspects – brand image, communication analysis, analysis of the competition, in effect reconstructing the category map.


Audits of brands and brand experience

Diagnosis of the image position, analysis of the experience created by the brand at the level of product, branding, and communication. Verification of strategic assumptions and implementation.

Communication analyses

Good communication analysis in a category can lead to innovative recommendations for brand strategies and communication. CPC consultants combine the experience of those who co-created communication at advertising agencies, and those who tested the communication. This allows for in-depth and accurate diagnosis – from the perspective of the rules of effective advertising, brand building strategies, and consumer reactions.

Cultural analyses / Trend analyses

Experience teaches us that inspiration for marketing activity and brand development often comes from unusual directions. We come across these by analysing social phenomena, popular culture, as well as by examining trends in different categories. For this we use directed Desk Research analyses or interviews with experts from different fields.