Communication & Activation Planning

360⁰ guidelines for implementing the strategy

An idea for a brand is only as good as is reflected in effective actions. That is why we propose guidelines for implementing ready brand ideas in different fields (e.g. visual identity, packaging, product formula, communication). We point out what the brand must do, and what it shouldn’t do, for it to be effective in the consumer world.

Communication strategy / Communication optimisation

Brand positioning is something which the consumer never sees. It’s an idea for a brand which has to be described to consumers in an engaging and comprehensible for them manner. Depending on the brand’s situation and the challenges which stand before it we create a communication strategy for it – indicating a specific group of users which we wish to attain, key barriers which the brand wishes to break to compel the users, and the main arguments which we will use to convince them. We help in preparing a brief for the creative agency, participate in briefing the agency, and in receiving their work. We also consult the entire course of work for tenders – help the Client evaluate propositions from different agencies, if needed we also conduct research with consumers supporting the process of choosing an agency.

Supervision over implementing a brand strategy

Implementing a brand strategy is often a long-term job executed on different aspects of a product or service. For its success it is necessary to obtain return information about the success of actions taken, including monitoring changes in brand perception by users, and in some cases also salespeople who have direct contact with users. We help follow these changes and to make the necessary corrections, supporting the Client’s team in periodic reviews of actions associated with implementing a brand strategy. Implementation of a corporate brand strategy within an organisation requires much wider action than just communication. Building a corporate brand can indicate changes in rules and work organisation, employee behaviour promoted within the organisation, internal communication, portfolio of product offered by the company, or the competitive strategy. This implementation indicates a close cooperation with company employees, whom we help understand how, with daily activity, they can build the company’s brand according to the strategic direction chosen for it.